Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. Under New Ownership

Original Saw Company Diversifies Product Lines with Acquisition of Williams & Hussey Machine Co. Assets.

In October 2020 Original Saw Company, a leading industrial woodworking machinery manufacturer, announced that it acquired Williams & Hussey Machine Co., an exemplary producer of molders and profile knives.

With a heritage that dates to the 1950's, Williams & Hussey Machine Co. has been an industry leader in the manufacturing of molders and profile knives for over 60 years for the woodworking professional. The business features a strong reputation for producing only the finest woodworking machinery.  This is a testament to their workmanship and proficiency. 

"Williams & Hussey Machine Co. is an iconic brand that shares many similarities with Original Saw Company.  These parallels include commitment to American made products and the highest quality production," said Allen Eden, President of Original Saw Company.  "By purchasing Williams & Hussey, it drives our future growth and expands our woodworking product offerings.  The company’s established brand aligns with our company goals to add industrial rated woodworking equipment to our offerings."

Founded in the late 1940's by Thurston Williams and Forrest Hussey, they began their business adventure manufacturing pumps and auto parts.  In the mid 1950's Williams & Hussey pivoted and began manufacturing molders.  Over the years, other product offerings were introduced, but none stood the test of time like the molder.  Today four molder models are produced along with profile knives.  Standard knife options are stocked and ready for immediate ship out.  Custom knives are created in collaboration with the customer to replicate profiles and encourage creativity. 

 "I am excited to add Williams & Hussey Machine Co. to our portfolio.  Through the years, both companies have emphasized customer service and excellence in quality.  We are planning for a smooth transition for Williams & Hussey customers, " said Eden.

Operations will moved from Amherst, New Hampshire, to the Britt, Iowa, headquarters that house Original Saw Company and subsidiaries Jones Machinery and OSC Technologies. 

Stephen Carter, President and CEO of Williams & Hussey Machine Co. commented, "I am confident our customers will receive the same quality service and products from Original Saw Company, which is also a small, family-owned, American-made company for 30 years.  What a great opportunity for the woodworking industry to have two manufacturing companies known for quality and service join forces."

About Original Saw Company

Located in Britt, Iowa, Original Saw Company is a leading U.S. manufacturer of industrial woodworking equipment.  In 1990, Original Saw Company purchased the historic DeWalt division of radial arm saws.  Through the years, Original Saw Company diversified its product lines by expanding the radial arm saw models and adding beam saws, crosscut power saws and material handling solutions.   Original Saw Company products are currently sold to home centers, wood workers and many other industries that specialize in cutting wood, metal, and aluminum in North America.  For more information, visit www.originalsaw.com today.

About Williams & Hussey Machine Co.

Williams & Hussey Machine Co. has been manufacturing molders and profile knives for over 60 years for the woodworking professional. It has a steadfast tradition of producing only the finest woodworking machinery is a testament to workmanship and proficiency.  During the 1950's Williams & Hussey manufactured and introduced the molder/planer to the woodworking industry.  Through the years other product lines have been added, but the molder and profile knives remain as their focal points.  Sales have been concentrated in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Canada.

Original Saw Company's President, Allen Eden, shared his thoughts on the upcoming changes.

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