• $99.00

MP-06-GREEN-K; Recommended for long runs, multiple passes, profiles with sharp edges

MP-06-YELLOW-K; Recommended for short runs, single passes, profiles with soft edges

The longer springs and modified swing arm allow you to make cuts up to 3/16” above the finish cut height. Now you can raise the finish knife for a first cut on deep and/or wide profiles. This eliminates the need for a separate first cut knife or a dado cut on your saw, saving you time and money while providing you with a safe operation. 

Our multi-pass kits are designed to fit on older W&H Models: W7, W7PF, W7S, Original and 154 Molders (see note below).

Note: As of March 2005 our multi-pass system became a standard feature on all molders. Not sure if your machine has multi-pass? Call us with your serial # and we can assist you.