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Custom Knives

Williams & Hussey has been manufacturing custom knives since the 1950’s. Our knives are produced from the finest quality material of high speed or corrugated stock. We strive to produce knives for a wide array of projects including; restoration, custom cabinets, furniture, staircases, flooring, siding and many more.

If your profile meets the requirements of ¾” depth of cut or less and a 6 ¾” profile or less send us a sample or drawing for a quote.

In our 60+ years of producing knives and understanding the quality, versatility and safety of our molders we have been able to assist customers with creative ways to produce knives that may be overlooked by the competition. Call Williams & Hussey if you’re looking for quick turnaround time, accuracy, low prices, quality and excellent customer support.

Our customer service team is here to assist you in all of your custom knife requirements.