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History of Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co.

Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. has been manufacturing molders and profile knives for over 60 years for the woodworking professional. Our steadfast tradition of producing only the finest woodworking machinery is a testament to our workmanship and proficiency.  Our goal is complete customer satisfaction.

Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. was founded in the late 1940’s by Thurston Williams and Forrest Hussey of Wilton, New Hampshire.  During the 1940’s Williams & Hussey manufactured pumps and auto parts.  In the 1950’s Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. was acquired by The OK Tool Company. 

In 1954 the first molder/planer models were manufactured and introduced to the woodworking industry.  Initially, the Model W7 hand feed unit was manufactured and shortly thereafter the Model W7PF, power feed and Model W7S, power infeed and outfeed were developed.

In the early 1960’s Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. acquired J.G. Blount Company, established in 1888.  The Blount line of industrial lathes and grinders were mainly sold to school systems from Maine to California.  The lathe and grinder lines are no longer manufactured.

In the early 1980’s Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. designed and marketed a woodworking lathe and vise. In 1987, under new ownership, the woodworking lathe and vise product lines were discontinued and marketing efforts were focused on the molder/planer line.  By the early 1990’s, the molder/planer line was thriving.

In 2020 Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. was acquired by OSC Technologies.  It was then moved from Amherst, New Hampshire to Britt, Iowa, where the signature line of molders, in-stock knives, custom knives and various accessories began production alongside its sister company Original Saw Company.  Known for their American made radial arm saws, Original Saw welcomed the molder as a complementary woodworking line.   

To this day, many of our molder/planers dating back to the 1950’s are still in use.  Over the years replacement parts, upgraded parts and technical services have been available for customers owning our molder.  For 66 years our molders have sold by the thousands in the United States, Europe, Canada & Mexico.

Williams & Hussey Machine and Tool Co. is committed to excellence and quality of our American made products and customer support for the W&H molder. We strive to maintain our reputation to build quality machinery that is built to last and go the distance.