Molder & Service Repair

Williams & Hussey offers unbeatable service for your molder.  It makes no difference to our staff if you have a new or used molder. We are here to assist you with parts & service!



Not sure about tackling repairs or upgrades yourself?  No problem!  Give us a call and we will discuss what options work for you.  Contact Us.


We offer a variety of genuine W&H replacement parts on our website.  Due to W&H Molder upgrades over the years, not all replacement parts are available online.  Our sales and technical staff has had hands-on training and will diagnose what parts are needed to get you back up and running.


Considering an upgrade?  Upgrades are available for our original W7 (1954-1992) hand feed units, the W7PF (1954-1992) power in-feed units, W7S, Original, 154 & 154CE (1954-today). 

Does your molder have power in & power out?  Do you have the multi-pass system?  Ready for variable feed rate?  How about our guide system? 

All these upgrades are available with user friendly instructions.  You will be amazed how adding upgrades will cut down your production time.  Check out our Accessories!


No question is too small.  When in doubt give us a call.  From vintage to current molders, troubleshooting, upgrades, and profile knife solutions, we are here to assist you.  Contact Us.