Variable Feed & Multi-Pass Features

What is Variable Feed?

Variable Feed is standard on Models 206 & 209.  The variable feed allows you to adjust the speed from 0-19 feet per minute as your stock runs through the molder.   Adjusting the speed allows you to reduce the load on the motor while creating less stress on your stock.  This is especially important when running a variety of profile moldings with deep cuts, hard woods and wide profiles. 

Profiles that are small have shallow cuts and soft wood species would lend to a faster speed.  Profiles that are wide have deep cuts and hardwood species would lend to a slower speed.  This creates a smoother finish and takes the stress off the machine.

Model 154CE is a constant feed molder.  Can I add variable feed?

YES. The 154CE molder and vintage constant feed molders are upgradeable.  The Variable Feed Kit, Item VF-104-K, has all the parts needed to upgrade to this feature.


What is Multi-Pass?

Multi-Pass is a standard feature on the 206 and 209 Models.  This feature was added to all molders in March 2005 and has proven to be one of the best upgrades to the molder line. 

The multi-pass design allows the user to raise the head 3/16” above the stock height while keeping adequate roller pressure on the stock eliminating chatter.  This feature is particularly useful when molding deep cut, wide profiles and/or using hard woods. 

         Example:  Profile is 7” wide,  ¾” depth of cut in crown profile using 1” maple stock.

  • Raise molder head scale to 1-3/16”, lock in head, take first light pass.
  • Lower molder head scale to 1-2/16”, lock in head and take the second pass.
  • Lower molder head scale to 1-1/16”, lock in head and take the third pass.
  • Lower molder head scale to 1”, lock in head and take the finish pass.

In most cases this many passes will not be necessary. This is an example of how the multi-pass feature can achieve a smooth finish molding profile when cutting wide profiles and hard woods.

Using the variable feed and multi-pass functions together allows the user a wide range versatility. 

Is a multi-pass upgrade available if I already own a molder manufactured before March 2005?

YES.  All molders prior to March 2005 can be upgraded with a Multi-Pass Kit.  Choose from various options for the required molding application.