Vari-Feed Replacement Parts

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Whether you purchased a Vari-Feed machine, or upgraded a vintage model, replacement parts are available for your Vari-Feed machine.

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VF-3 14 Tooth Sprockets:  Feed Roll Sprocket for all variable feed models.

VF-4 Short Chain:  #25, 36 Pitch In-feed chain for all variable feed models.

VF-5 Long Chain:   #25, 54 Pitch Out-feed chain for all variable feed models.

VF-12 REV A 17 Tooth Sprockets:  Drive Sprockets ONLY for models sold as, or upgraded to variable speed after June 2007.

VF-1 Vari-Feed Motor:  for use with Model 206 or 209, and machines previously upgraded with Vari-Feed Kit VF-104-K. 1/17 HP, Single Phase variable feed motor. Designed for demanding applications, higher performance, and higher standard of reliability. They operate quietly over the full range of speed and manufactured for longer more efficient life.

VF-105  6' Extension Cord: available if you are running wide boards and the standard control cord is too short.