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Custom profile knives are our specialty! Found something you like, perhaps in a Western Pine Club catalog? It all starts with a sketch, drawing or sample of the profile you would like to replicate.  W&H is committed to assisting customers with straight-forward profiles like casings, to more creative solutions that may be needed for deep cut profiles. In our 60+ years of producing knives and understanding the quality, versatility and safety of our molders we have been able to assist customers with innovative ways to create knives that may be overlooked by the competition.

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Genuine W&H custom knives are produced from the finest quality material of high speed or corrugated stock, and manufactured to fit our molders and to provide a smooth molding finish.  Our knives are designed to fit safely on our molder arbor, proper clearance and back out cuts are made to prevent burning.  W&H knives are sold in a set of 2.

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Images below is an example of a solution to a deep cut profile. 


If your profile meets the requirements of ¾” depth of cut or less and a 6 ¾” profile or less send us a sample or drawing for a quote.

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