Genuine W&H profile knives are designed to compliment all W&H Molder models young or old!  Our standard and custom knives are manufactured with the same integrity as our molders, quality, durability and longevity! 

Profile knives are made in sets of 2 to ensure molding profiles have a crisp clean finish.  Precision bolt hole alignment, proper knife clearance and angle back off is what we call a GENUINE W&H profile knife.  Why Settle, Get The Best!

Profile Knife Tips & Tricks

Knife Safety

Select standard knives are on the shelf and ready to ship.  Other standard knives are cut when they are ordered.  

Keeping knives clean and sharp will result in a smooth profile finish.  Our knife sharpening service will inspect each set of knives for any damage and proper knife thickness.  If rework is needed to repair damaged knives due to stock imperfections our sales team will be in direct contact with customers.  Sharpening services are completed within 1-2 business days.