First off, the company has excellent service and excellent training.  Your molder was recommended to us by one of your customers and we are very happy we listened to him! It is perfect for our shop and we are pleased to say it works great for elliptical and arch moldings, not to mention it is user friendly.  We would highly recommend Williams & Hussey Machine Company for many reasons.


Joshua & Caleb Becker -B & A Property Preservation, LLC,  Amherst, New Hampshire



I have used Williams & Hussey for custom moulding knives for several years.  They always have prompt turnaround time and their knives always match the profiles I order.  A great group of people to work with!!  In our business we deal with a lot of vendors who give you the talk.  Williams & Hussey follows through and does what they say they are going to do.


Steve Taylor - Beisser Lumber Company, Grimes, Iowa



We have a Williams and Hussey that we love and are so pleased with.  There is a learning curve. We always say in the shop "you have to think like a Hussey" this machine is hard to trick or manipulate to do things it's not set up or designed to do. We have learned to call WH offices where I can speak with the owner or you and if you can't answer our questions I am confident that someone will be on the phone shortly to assist us.  This machine is so easy to set up and ordering knives from WH is a must ‘cause they are perfect. I feel like I know you guys and we've never met.  If I ever make it up that way I would love a tour and to meet all!


Jim Brock - Brock Construction, Spartanburg, South Carolina



Just wanted to let you folks know what an outstanding company you are.  Just recently purchased a 206 molder and ordered custom molding knives for a 1920’s restoration project. The machine its self is well built and performs great, the manual and set up instructions are a little vague in certain areas and needs some further explanations and clarifications but I muddled through fine.


Your customer service folks ordering the customs knives were great and even called me twice about the profiles before grinding.  Shipping and delivery was only two days from the first phone call. This past weekend it only took 2.5 hours to run 200 linear feet of the custom molding which paid for half of the machine.  Incredible – one job and 2 hours and the machine is half paid for.  I will definitely be using this machine for jobs I could never have done before, thanks for expanding my business capabilities into new areas of expertise.


Jason A. Bare - Baker Farm Wood Works, Gloversville, New York





Folks - Not long ago I purchased one of your molder/planers for use in our custom frame manufacturing business.  This is a machine that I first became enamored with at another company here in Michigan when I worked for them more than 20 years ago making trim moldings for arched windows.  I am even more pleased than I thought I would be.  The machine is a gem. The addition of the poly sub plate and guide system is brilliant.  I have made mouldings for multiple frame projects already, with much more to come.  I expect that this machine will have paid for itself within the year.


Peter & Kari Fenwood - Miller Fenwood Fine Art Restoration, Hamilton, Michigan




You People are nothing more than spectacular.  Absolutely over the top service.  Many, many thanks.


Mark Bolton - Bolton Design Build, Newton, West Virginia



Thank you all at Williams & Hussey for troubleshooting a problem with my molder, shipping parts immediately to be received in 24 hours with standard shipping.  First class service at its best!


Paul Morin - Morin Construction, Newtown, Connecticut



I bought a second Williams & Hussey molder because the first one is one of the best investments in my shop.  Now I have two best investments in my shop and both are Williams & Hussey’s.”


Mike P. - Coastal Cabinets, Wilmington, North Carolina



Just wanted to let you know how happy I am.  It’s always easy to hear complaints, but the good needs to be told also.  I will talk your company up as best I can on some of the woodworking forums I go on.  I also will be giving a talk to the local woodworkers’ guild on the 16th and will mention you.”


Bob Kloes - Kloes Custom Furniture, Seymour, Wisconsin



“for me, this machine has been one of the biggest moneymakers for me.  Absolutely phenomenal.”


Harald Steudte - Southampton, New York




“Love it! The machine is perfect for a shop our size.  It’s very flexible; we can do anything on it – straight runs, curves, etc.  They also make great knives!”


Tom Griffin - Millstone Creations, Inc., Peabody,  Massachusetts