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"Just wanted to let you know how happy I am.  It’s always easy to hear complaints, but the good needs to be told also.  I will talk your company up as best I can on some of the woodworking forums I go on.  I also will be giving a talk to the local woodworkers guild on the 16th and will mention you.”


Bob K.

Kloes Custom Furniture

Seymour, Wisconsin



“We have just about finished the mansion project here in Uganda.  Your product was perfect for us.  It’s not often that the amount of money saved using the machine pays for it about 10 times over on one job.”


“Thanks for a great machine with great service!”


Jim M.

Brookhaven, Mississippi



“We have four Williams & Hussey molders.  We push them and work them hard.  We do a lot of arch and elliptical molding using the elliptical jigs.  We get all our parts from them and the service is exceptional.”


John B.

Custom Woodworkers

Dallas, Texas



“I bought a second Williams & Hussey molder because the first one is one of the best investments in my shop.  Now I have two best investments in my shop and both are Williams & Hussey’s.”


Mike P.

Coastal Cabinets

Wilmington, North Carolina