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  • Easy knife set up

  1. Disconnect your machine from power before installing knives.
  2. Remove any dust/chips/debris from the lip of the arbor and ensure that your knives are free of any residue.
  3. Place your first blade on the lip of the arbor with the beveled side of the knife facing up.
  4. Place your arbor bolts through the knives, loosely at first, and push the blade firmly down on the arbor lip and to the right in the direction of the posts.
  5. Now tighten down your bolts.
  6. Rotate the arbor and line up your 2nd blade the exact same way. Bolts should be hand tight.
  • Open ended design for wide boards, raised panels and doors

open edge of molder


  • Cuts a full 6 ¾” profile

    • Easy setup from straight to curved to elliptical moldings

    • Variable Feed Molders

      Variable Feed is standard on Models 206 & 209.  The variable feed allows you to adjust the speed from 0-19 feet per minute as your stock runs through the molder.   Adjusting the speed allows you to reduce the load on the motor while creating less stress on your stock.  This is especially important when running a variety of profile moldings with deep cuts, hard woods and wide profiles.  Profiles that are small, have shallow cuts, and soft wood species would lend to a faster speed.  Profiles that are wide, have deep cuts and hardwood species would lend to a slower speed, this will create a smoother finish and take the stress off the machine.
    • Small footprint, BIG results

     With a footprint of 28”L x 22”W x 50”H, this molder can make a big impact   without taking up a lot of space.  
    • Low cost, High quality

    This molder has been called a workhorse in the woodworking industry. Receive a molder, set it up and make moldings the same day.  The    machine base features steel construction with levelers.  Working height is a standard 35".  
    • Made in the USA

    Williams & Hussey - made in USA
    • Technical support and customer service in the USA for ALL molders new or used.

    Give us a call at (641) 843-3240 or (800) 258-1380 to talk to customer service in Britt, Iowa.  You can also email us at customerservice@williamsnhussey.com.  We'd be happy to help you!

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